Potato Recipes

Dabeli RecipeBy AnkitaEnchant this iconic street snack Dabeli that comes from Bhuj, with a slurp of masala chaass in between..
Kandagadda Vepudu Recipe / Suran Fry RecipeBy AnkitaKandagadda Vepudu is an authentic recipe from Andra, known for its unique taste and shimmery golden brown color that captures your attention at the very first sight... Savor this delightful dish with a sip of buttermilk in between...
Aloo Bhurji RecipeBy AnkitaZest up your meal with this lip-smacking Aloo Bhurji filled up with the goodness of garlic and the richness of fresh cream...Have a sip of chilled mint lime juice in between to enjoy the punch of it..
Potato Paal CurryBy AnkitaPotato paal curry recipe is an authentic recipe from the Indian subcontinent and it originated from Tamil Nadu. It is a gravy type dish made of potato, peas and coconut milk.
Dhum Aloo recipeBy AnkitaSavor the Sensation of exotic Dhum Aloo from the North Indian Cuisine which is made with tantalizing crispy baby potatoes doused in spicy aromatic Indian masala.
Potato FryBy AnkitaPotato fry is a tantalizing dish that allures you with its golden crunchy finish.. Spruce up any meal with this lip-smacking potato fry and make it special...
Poori Kilangu RecipeBy AnkitaPoori Kilangu recipe is the most popular accompaniment for puri across India and it is a simple yet a delicious dish.
Aloo Gobi RecipeBy AnkitaThe combination of potato with cauliflower is always fantastic and this is one such delicious recipe