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Roti Stir Fry RecipeBy AnkitaCook this desirable, good and tasty recipe of Roti stir fry at the comfort of your home with your loved ones and give wings to your creativity and cooking skills... Once you start off your creative journey in the kitchen, there is no way of looking back.. You have plenty of choices to explore and go on a cooking adventrure starting with this easy recipe...
How To Make Easy Chicken Tikka At Home? / A Simple Way To Make Grilled Chicken TikkaBy AnkitaSkewer some boneless chicken fillets, season it with some Indian spices, and cook it in a tandoor to get luscious and supple chicken tikka that would entice you and indulge yourself in this fantastic finger food heaven with a sip of fresh orange pulpy juice.. Dim the lights and play the record player on with your favorite ghazal...
Gobi Ki Sabzi / Dry Cauliflower Curry RecipeBy AnkitaWithout much ado, here comes a humble dish Gobi Ki Sabzi, that you can accompany with any of your favorite main course menu and enjoy the silent spring moment with a sip of sizzling hibiscus chai.. The fall of flowers, the earthy aroma and the soothing drizzle will join you for lunch to tranquilize your mood...
Paneer Seekh Kebab Recipe/ Mughlai Paneer Seekh KebabBy AnkitaKick start your party vibe with a bite of sizzling hot succulent paneer seekh kabab that comes along with a spicy tangy dip...This exotically luscious simple delicacy is sure to give a soul satisfying feel with its sheer uniqueness and deliciousness. Set up a party perfect ambience to exhilarate the excitement and have great fun.
Dhaba Style Veg Diwani Handi RecipeBy AnkitaDevour the sensation of "Veg Diwani Handi" which is prepared with all the goodness of a traditional clay handi. It would nourish both our body and as well as our soul with its earthy flavor. A simple yet elegant dish that would capture everyone's attention with its unique deliciousness of 'slow cooking.'