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Home Cooked Easy Badami Paneer MasalaBy Nithya Lakshmi"Cook creamy almond paste to perfection, gently fold in the fried paneer cubes until it gets in the luscious sauce. Garnish with a creamy swirl and top up with a flourish of fresh coriander leaves for a final touch of vibrancy and flavor."
Amritsari’s Special Paneer Paratha RecipeBy Nithya LakshmiAmritsari Paneer Paratha, with its irresistible aroma, exquisite flavors, and comforting texture transcends mere food to become an experience. Take a bite of hot spongy paneer paratha with your favorite accompaniment and have a sip of chilled jaljeera inbetween for a feel of zing..
Odisha’s Special Rasabali RecipeBy Nithya LakshmiEnjoy your evening with this heavenly delight Rasabali that is sure to elevate your love for Indian food and delicacies a notch higher. Chill this rasabali and enjoy the noon with your pet on a lazy sunday noon..Accompany rasabali with crunchy chuda bhaja...