Weekend Breakfast

Milagu Pongal RecipeBy Nithya LakshmiRelish this exotically luscious Milagu Pongal which is soft and has a toothsome texture that melts in your mouth...
Masala Idli RecipeBy AnkitaA recipe with a great play of simple ingredients presented in a grand manner..and that is exotic Masala Idli...
Dhokla RecipeBy AnkitaSavor the sensation of velvety soft dhokla that comes with a golden yellow finish along with a tangy dip..
Sprouted Green Peas CurryBy AnkitaFeast on the fast fix sophisticated Sprouted Peas Curry for phulka accompanied with onion, tomato and cucumber shreds with a sip of tangy mint lime juice..
Sweet Kozhukattai / Modhakam RecipeBy AnkitaRelish this festive delight Sweet Kozhukattai or Modhakam which satiates not only your palates but also your soul with nostalgic memories..
Lemon Sevai RecipeBy AnkitaRelish this gluten-free rice noodles seasoned with green chili and mustard seeds accompanied by a spicy coconut chutney in the midst of alluring aroma of filter coffee..
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