Chicken Recipes

Mango Chicken Curry RecipeBy AnkitaMango chicken curry originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is a special dish made with chicken pieces mixed with other spices and mango. The curry powder which we use to prepare this curry has a unique flavor which attracts people from all over the country.
South Indian Chicken Curry RecipeBy AnkitaSouth Indian chicken curry basically originated from the Indian subcontinent. South Indian Chicken Curry Recipe is a spicy curry which smells and tastes good. It occupies an important place in any party menu in India and it is relished by the people of all age groups from kids to elderly people.
Butter Chicken RecipeBy AnkitaButter chicken occupies an important place in North Indian cuisine and it originated in Delhi, the capital of India. Butter Chicken Recipe is known for its rich taste and authentic flavor.
Chicken Korma RecipeBy AnkitaChicken korma Recipe originated in India which consists of chicken, spices and yoghurt. It is a semi solid Gravy which is taken with rice and as well as roti, idli and dosa.
Chicken Cutlet RecipeBy AnkitaChicken cutlet is a crispy flat balls made of chicken pieces with a crusty outer layer and a tender internal layer. Chicken Cutlet Recipe is made of a crispy outer layer which makes the cutlet a lot crispier and enjoyable by everyone.